Impact of the Universal DH for Fantasy Baseball

The Designated Hitter is coming to the National League in 2022. So, what impact can we expect on fantasy baseball? Here are some of the thoughts by industry experts on the Universal DH.

Scott White – CBS Sports

Scott White of CBS Sports believes that “every hitter benefits from the universal DH” because the DH will result in more at-bats for every player on the roster. White also feels that “Offensive-minded catchers are perhaps the most obvious beneficiaries on the DH spot.” He also notes that once the lockout has ended, many teams will look to upgrade the position with players still on the market. Read all White’s insight including some specific players he believes will benefit most on

Fantasy Baseball Today

Frank Stampfl and Chris Towers discuss Rob Manfred’s announcement, the impact on pitchers, and the leading candidates for each NL team.

Tristan Cockcroft – ESPN

Tristan Cockcroft writes about the impact of the NL pitchers and notes a “0.12 runs-per-game difference between the 2020 and 2021 stats.” When the previous 4 full seasons there was a 0.14 runs-per-game difference in NL games between DH and non-DH games. While Crockroft points out this isn’t a big difference in earned runs over the course of a season, it can make some difference in rankings and in the decision making on draft day.

Some of Cockcroft’s individual picks to benefit the most are the Dodgers Gavin Lux due to his lack of a current position, and Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto. In the case of Realmuto, he believes the Phillies will take a rotational approach to the DH and Reamulto could play DH as much as 25% of the time. Read the full article at (Note: ESPN+ subscription required)

Lists of National League DH Candidates

The Athletic Staff – Designated Hitter Candidates for Every National League Team

Pierre Camus of Rotoballer – Universal DH – Biggest Fantasy Baseball Risers

Matt Heckman of Fantrax – 4 NL Hitters Set to Benefit Most from the Designated Hitter. Much like Tristan Cockroft, Heckman likes Gavin Lux among his players who will benefit most


Both Scott White and Tristan Cockcroft seem to be on the same page as far as offensive catchers benefitting from the DH. Gavin Lux seems to be a popular choice to benefit from the DH role. There are a handful of notable free agents still on the market with the lockout still in progress. Even though not all of them are likely DH candidates. However, when players like Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Nick Castellanos and others find homes for 2022, it will likely clear up the DH picture for some of the NL teams.

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